Our company

Mission and values

Authentiek Leiderschap is a Dutch company in leadership development. By means of short, high-impact interventions, the advisers of Authentiek Leiderschap unleash and connect the authentic hidden potential of leaders, their teams and organisations, which makes them high performing and fulfilled. We do this on the basis of our own tried-and-tested, no-nonsense concept and a firm belief in the inner strength of people and the conviction that they can empower themselves.


We believe that our contribution makes the world a better place because all people intrinsically need to ‘do good’. This is represented in a person’s authenticity. The survival mechanisms to protect yourself are a good strategy that should be embraced. Fear protects against reckless behaviour, but unfortunately, too much fear results in obscuring ‘goodness’. It is our task to make authenticity visible and give people the self-confidence to live according to their authenticity so that they rely less on their survival mechanisms. This requires courage and perseverance from people and we support them in this process. We target leaders because they are the ones who have an enormous impact on their environment. We make an impact on leaders so that they will want to make an impact on others. We have seen it happen and we believe in this snowball effect.

Working for us

We are always looking for great and wonderful new colleagues, but we are selective about the people we team up with. All Authentiek Leiderschap advisers are independent entrepreneurs who enjoy the advantages of a professional work environment while retaining their independence.

As an Authentiek Leiderschap adviser you will be working with a successful theory and a proven approach. Our clients are pleased with our no-nonsense approach, the measurable results, and our knowledge of the corporate sector. All of our advisers have management experience.

You possess a high level of professional and intellectual ability, you analyse fast, you quickly distinguish the main issues from the secondary issues, and you know and feel that it is your mission to bring people to a higher level. You are a business-minded professional, you have relevant experience in the corporate sector, and you have a commercial outlook and a solid commercial network. Your heart is in the right place and your instincts are spot on when it comes to people and situations. You are capable of inspiring both individuals and groups.

Training programme for becoming an adviser

After investing in a thorough and intensive training programme, you will become a licensee of Authentiek Leiderschap. You will combine your network with those of the other advisers, resulting in a wide, shared network, which will continue to expand synergistically. We are enterprising and our client base is still expanding. The first steps to expand our activities abroad are under way.

As part of Authentiek Leiderschap you will continue to develop. In-depth learning days and training modules to help us grow in our profession are held on a regular basis. Through interaction with colleagues, we affirm and use each other’s strong points and tell each other honestly if we believe there is room for improvement.

Stronger together

It is inspirational to have independent entrepreneurs as professional colleagues. Analytically strong, helpful team players who want the best for each other and, at the same time, aim for the best possible product. By sparring and working together, we keep each other on our toes and have more to offer to our clients. All of us stand for the top quality of our work, in individual coaching and in team and organisational development programmes.

Lage Vuursche

Lage Vuursche, a lovely village surrounded by woods, is our home base. Our office is perfect for the flexible, enterprising adviser. A great place for individual coaching and peer consultation, with your own working space.