Team building online

Do you recognise this?

Due to Covid 19, your team has been working from home for some time. Following the first shock wave, the most important business has been organised. Lots of things are running via the digital route. However slowly but surely people are getting a little tired, you miss that genuine contact, that real connection. You know that this period has had a significant impact on everyone. Also on your team as a whole!

Soon you will be able to get back to work at the office with the 1.5 metre distance. You take the necessary precautions but you ask yourself; How is it really going with my team? How can I use the lessons learned from each individual and from the team during the restart? Is it possible in these times to invest collectively in the team, so that we can have a much more productive start once we are in the office? Can we perform team building online?

The answer is: Yes we can.

How can we be of assistance?

Wat we will precisely do is unknown as each team is unique in their own way. However we have an inspiring and effective approach. After a short intake and two short online sessions, we will develop steps to further build the contact amongst the team members. They will learn how to improve their support of each other and to optimize and utilize each other’s motivations and talents. We do this through the use of in depth breakout sessions of small groups of twos and threes. We ensure that the team takes steps that not only help now but also make the team stronger as we slowly transition to the 1.5 metre society.


In addition, here are a number of questions regarding the 7 layers model of Authentiek Leiderschap:

2 – Online team sessions

  • Based on the results of the intake we will build a dynamic and impactful program dealing with the subjects that are important now.
  • The total online team building session will last for 2 x 1,5 hours, spread out over two (possibly subsequent) days. In the interim, issues will be worked on directly in subgroups. For example, Tuesday from 10:00 – 11:30 the first session and on Wednesday from 10:00 – 11:30 the second session. It is also possible to perform the second session a week later if that is a more suitable option.
  • We and you will use various inspirational forms to enter into conversation with each other. An important component of this could be our Feedforward process. What can we give as an individual to the group in terms of compliments and suggestions so that the optimal strength of the team can be utilized and which actions evolve from this for the team and the individual?

In between the two sessions subgroups will be working through the issues, which will result in the team making significant steps forward in a short period of time.
Guaranteed to be an inspiring session with a great deal of mutual connections.


  • The team makes a flying start towards the 1,5 metre organisation;
  • The team experiences a genuine connection with each other;
  • The collective trust has grown;
  • The team is working on targeted development actions;
  • The team members find it easier to speak with each other about strengths and development potential;
  • The involvement of each team member is measurably improved;
  • The appreciation for the supervisor has increased.


  • Team building online can be performed for a team of 5 people from € 1.750,-;
  • An eventual Ego Scan costs € 145,- per person and € 200,- for a teamscan;
  • We will be happy to discuss payment terms with you should there be an issue regarding budget, as now in this stormy period is where flexibility is required in order to help organisations stay upright.


Questions: Please call or mail. We’ll plan a discussion with one of our advisors who will take inventory of your current situation. At the end of this discussion, you will know if and how the online team building can further help you and your team.

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