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Book Authentic leadership, discover and live your essential mission

Bas Blekkingh has worked with thousands of leaders after his defense period. He has researched what works and what does not work, what impact a leader has on the environment. His teaching at Nyenrode University gave him the opportunity to further develop the philosophy. Because he wanted to share the successful matter faster, he wrote the book. It has been a bestseller in the Netherlands for years. The book was published in English in 2015, because our company is increasingly active abroad.

The book inspires you as a manager, coach, adviser or teacher to create an environment in which performance and happiness influence each other positively.

The book works as a ‘self-coaching concept’ and helps you step by step in finding answers to these essential questions. But especially how you can make your mission come true, how as an authentic leader you inspire others and become happier yourself. The assignments and cases help you with that. The book is inspiring and sometimes confrontational.

Order the book on the website of The book is available in both Dutch and English. The Dutch book contains an (audio) CD with exercises, extra insights and a recorded summary of the book.