Learn the principles and techniques of Authentic leadership and immediately increase your effectiveness and sense of self-esteem.

By participating in an interactive workshop you get to work straightaway on your own case history. Through the insights gained from the practical philosophy of Authentic leadership you will be able to have a more positive impact on your environment and you will feel like putting what you have learned into practice the very next day.

What is going on?

Sometimes the organisation needs a fresh impetus, a new insight that can immediately be put into practice. We provide workshops that range from one hour to three part-day sessions. Our average score is 9.3.


As advisers/consultants, we frequently collaborate with leaders and their organisations. What we notice each and every time is that leaders who carry a great deal of responsibility struggle with the same types of problems. Leaders look for structures that will allow them to deal with their problems more effectively. The capacity to resolve problems can – and sometimes must – be improved. Quite often, the approach to solving problems goes too deep, exacerbating the problem, while other issues remain unchanged because they are dealt with too superficially. Also it seems that, when under pressure, leaders tend to lose their authenticity and encounter the negative aspects of their own egos, while at the same time they are looking for a deeper sense of fulfilment from their work. In other words, they are all good leaders, but sometimes they lose their way. Authentic leadership has developed insights and methods on how to deal effectively with all of these issues. Proven in practice, it is a method that leads to more success and self-fulfilment.

For whom

For teams and organisations who want to be inspired and who want to master Authentic leadership.

The workshop is often offered as a gift by our clients to their customers. Inquire about our activities at Nyenrode University. We have given Authentic leadership workshops there on multiple occasions.


During the workshop you will not only gain an understanding of this field-tested seven-layered model. You will also learn how to apply it and immediately increase your effectiveness. Using your own case history and a number of assignments, you will experience how quickly you can apply this, not only for yourself, but for your team or organisation as well. Fear and creation motives, restrictive and stimulating norms, your successful and exaggerated egos, guiding the team towards a high-performance culture, and making your mission clear and tangible – all these aspects will be covered. You will learn to give substance to Authentic Leadership.

Result of the workshop?

After the workshop, you will be able to delve sufficiently into and resolve your issues. You will learn to act on your mission. You will become more effective and as a result, you will feel more fulfilled and be more successful.

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