Team Coaching

Do you want to develop a high-impact and high performing team? By pushing the right buttons this can be achieved quicker than you might think.

Our approach gets results fast and ensures that team members can better utilise each other’s qualities. Missions become clear, egos are discussed and constructively utilised, and restrictive and stimulating patterns are addressed. The team’s self-confidence is boosted enormously and giving feedback becomes normal behaviour. The philosophy of Authentic leadership ensures that the team’s currently invisible potential is unlocked and connected.

What is going on?

As a leader, your primary aim is to create a high-performing team. There is always more potential in the team than is being used.

This is a shame, but at the same time it is logical. Patterns have crept into every team; patterns that block unlocking and connecting the team’s full potential. It might be the case that the team has just been formed and the team members do not know each other well enough to utilise each other’s strengths.


In order to utilise the full potential you first need to know what that potential is.

Team members are not naturally inclined to share their strengths with others. It sounds strange, but we tend to be modest when it comes to our own authentic strength. At the same time, team members have restrictive patterns. These are hidden norms that restrict growth. And finally, each team member has an ego, or even multiple egos (see Egos). These patterns can either stimulate growth or restrict it. This has to be identified and resolved before the members can evolve into a high-performing team.

For whom

For every leader who wants his or her team to develop into a ‘high-performing’ one, whereby the development is measured and achieved very quickly.


Of course, our approach is tailor-made. An example of the main features of an approach commonly used is outlined below:

1. Individual intakes
Individual intakes for team members where missions, ego profiles and restrictive patterns are identified and developed and personal development goals are defined. The first measurement (of perception) is conducted: How do the team members rate the team’s quality and what are their ambitions?

2. Team session

  • The team discusses the results of the first measurement and agrees on the actions to be taken
  • The team learns and experiences the basic principles of the Authentic leadership philosophy (click here for more details about our philosophy)
  • The team transforms the organisation’s mission into a team mission and then into a mission for the individual team members. ‘What measurable contribution can you make to become a “high-performing team”?’
  • Ego profiles are discussed (the way in which a leader positions himself/herself within the group (see Egos))
  • In a feed forward session (forward-focused feedback) all team members support each other to exhibit the desired leadership behaviour
  • The team agrees on specific team and individual actions for the coming 8 weeks (making a difference)

3. Individual coaching
Individual coaching sessions to monitor what has been learned and how it is being put into practice.

4. Transfer coaching
In regular meetings our consultants observe and inspire so that desired behaviour immediately takes root. This enables teams to undergo development in practice, not just during workshops.

5. Team session ‘Celebrating successes’
The team shares and celebrates the initial successes. A second measurement is conducted and discussed. Agreements are made on how to secure the development.

6. Follow-up
A follow-up is scheduled with periodic targeted intervision. This is facilitated by the team members themselves. Intensive coaching can also be purchased as a separate service.

Result of the team coaching?

  • The team functions as a high-performing team
  • The team’s Role Model is clear and role model behaviour is exhibited
  • The process of guiding the team towards the desired team results is faster, more specific and systematic
  • There is more mutual trust
  • The team members are measurably more committed employees
  • The organisation’s values have been transformed into stimulating and restrictive norms
  • Desired behaviour is included in the regular HR instruments (assessment criteria etc)
  • The ability of the team members to resolve problems has been measurably increased through using the 7 layers of Authentic leadership.

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