Individual Coaching/Sparring

Individual coaching certainly does not have to be time-consuming and it can have an enormous impact.

The key here is not just to deal with current issues, but also to enable you to resolve future issues by yourself. Making leaders self-supporting is our mission. The Authentic leadership philosophy ensures that you are better able to identify issues, your mission is made clear, your core values become your control mechanisms, your egos are present but they no longer form an obstacle, and you can make a greater and more positive impact on your environment. Your self-confidence will continue to grow because you will be constantly aware of what you have to offer.

What is going on?

Perhaps you simply want to spar with someone who has knowledge and expertise. During your career you have to deal with so many issues, with so many decisions and choices to make, and then all that fuss. Sometimes you want to increase your problem-solving abilities. At other times you just want a more positive impact on your environment. Or you are simply looking for someone to help you find out what you really want, what motivates you and what holds you back.


A person is made up of different layers (see 7 layers). For many leaders, it can be difficult to discover exactly what their coaching needs are. Is it about skills or restrictive patterns? Is it about rediscovering your mission so that you can make better decisions? Or is it about handling your own egos, or the egos of others? Our coaching is extremely effective because we have the tools and insights to get to the heart of the matter quickly. Quite simply we get the job done very quickly.

For whom

Individual coaching is suitable for everyone. We distinguish between coaching and sparring. With coaching, we proceed from your coaching needs. 30% of our customers prefer to choose sparring. This means there is no coaching goal involved, but there is a need to spar about the themes relevant at that moment. Directors in particular find it very satisfying to periodically have some ‘Me time’ when they can hold cases up to the light without an agenda.


While sparring does not have a fixed structure beyond periodically scheduling a session, coaching involves taking a number of steps. Also here it is possible to make adjustments:

1. Intake by telephone

We check whether we are the right people for your needs. During the call, we explain our conditions and propose a programme and who your adviser will be.

2. Intake

  • The coaching goal is defined down to the finest detail
  • Possible candidates to act as sparring partners in the process are discussed. In order to get an accurate picture of who you are, three sessions can be scheduled with the sparring partners, if so desired. These could be supervisors, colleagues, direct reports, partners at home, etc. They are asked where they think your talents, passion and potential for growth lie. If your supervisor is the commissioning party, this person will definitely be involved in the intakes. We apply a ‘no cure, no pay’ policy to the intake.

3. Doing an Ego Scan

An Ego Scan provides a crystal-clear picture of which subconscious positioning techniques you use. While the egos can stimulate growth, unfortunately they can also inhibit it (see Egos).

4. Coaching sessions (4 on average)

The ultimate goal is to resolve your coaching needs. Furthermore, you will discover or rediscover your authenticity and this will increasingly influence how you live your life. Figuratively speaking, instead of giving you a fish, we will give you a fishing rod so you can catch your own fish. This will enable you to tackle your problems more effectively in the future.

5. Option to round off the programme with the supervisor present

The supervisor and the sparring partners may be approached to monitor the progress during the process. We will only do this if you indicate you want us to do this. If the supervisor is the commissioning party, then we would in any case conduct a concrete evaluation. However, the adviser will not evaluate any aspects of a confidential nature. Full confidentiality is guaranteed. This means we do not report back. We evaluate you as the client.

6. Follow-up after 6 months to ensure the effects of coaching have taken root

Are the developments sustainable? This is checked after a period of 6 months by scheduling a final session.

Result of individual coaching?

  • You have achieved your coaching goal!
  • You are now able to resolve your future issues by yourself, drawing upon what you have learned
  • Your mission is clear
  • Your core values are clear
  • Your egos have been identified and can be utilised solely for their strengths
  • Restrictive and stimulating patterns have been identified and their strengths can be utilised
  • Your self-confidence has been measurably increased