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Mission Statement

Your deepest drive is to create something meaningful, something you can be proud of. That is what we call your “Mission”. It is not something you must, but rather something you want to create, your purpose. Leaders are extremely effective and happy when they spend most of their time on this. Everyone has a mission, perhaps even more than one. We are often not aware of it, or have become somewhat detached from it.

Authentic leadership supports you in (re)discovering your mission, so that you can live it. Using our Mission Statement form, you can take the first step towards discovering your personal mission. Download the free mission statement form below.

Ego Scan (light version)

After five years of research, Authentiek Leiderschap has developed an Ego Scan which very clearly shows which egos make a person stronger and which egos lead to what is referred to as a “negative self-fulfilling prophecy”. This test is called the Ego Scan. In fact, the results will show how you prefer to position yourself in different settings, both from a position of strength and a position of weakness. The results of the Ego Scan will give you a deeper understanding of, and greater control over, your own authenticity. The insights can be put into practice immediately. Do you want to get an impression of your successful Egos? Then download the Ego Scan light version below.

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