Of course it is important what clients say about us. Even if you, as a reader of this website, do not know us yet, we can connect you with a number of referees, whether it is an organization, team or individual project.

We are proud of our clients and fortunately they are also proud of us. Below you will find a number of references.

What clients say about us

A professional company with a fantastic method and professionals who know what’s going on in the corporate sector. Perfect if you or your organisation would like to be run through the “car wash” sometime: you will come out squeaky-clean.

The only leadership programme I followed that actually initiated change. I look upon you as a firm specialised in leadership that is able to bring about corporate change. You are able to do so because you go to the heart of the matter. The content of the programme and its depth are very inspiring.

‘Proven to be successful. Personal. Profound. A clear-cut philosophy. Result-oriented, measurable (not soft!). It activates people!’

A flexible organisation that provides assistance during change programmes. An organisation with a clear vision and mission, which enables organisations to effect real behavioural change by jointly developing behavioural standards and making it perfectly normal to confront others. Authentic leadership is confrontational, concrete and not vague. Moreover, because of the approach taken, it will become firmly rooted within the organisation.

Authentic leadership makes you realise that it all begins with yourself. If you, as a leader, act on the basis of your authenticity, you will encourage others to do the same. What motivates you? How does your selective perception work? Authentic leadership increases your awareness of the values that motivate you and the extent to which you reflect on your behaviour. By giving you insight into the seven layers, you will be able to understand and select appropriate modes of behaviour. It’s a rational model, linked to your deepest emotions, your mission. It gives you a sensible handle for dealing with your emotions, based on your responsibility towards the world around you. A great link between your head and your heart.

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